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Why And How To Apply Paste Wax To Your Wood Furniture

by John Floars file under misc with tags

Furniture wax is one of the best ways to protect furnishings made of wood. It not only provides a layer of protection but adds a glazed shine to them. The site www.doityourself.com has some great articles on do’s and don’ts of applying wax to furniture. This article will focus on paste wax and ways to use it as a finish. Most woodworkers say that paste wax is not too useful. It is not protective enough. It does not repel a considerable amount of water. It is not able to stop scratches and dents. While all this may be true, paste wax definitely has its place. For one, it gives one the most amazing finishes you will ever see. For the second, it works remarkably well when refinishing old furniture that already has a wax layer. For third, some wood like rustic pine and hacienda-style furnishings, paste wax is the best option. It is not just antiques and particular wood that need paste wax. It can also be used on modern furniture that has been given a layer of lacquer, shellac, polyurethane or varnish. Combining these two layers, paste wax and lacquer, results in exceptional luster. The paste wax might not work wonders as a top-coat protective layer, but it is excellent at filling in cracks. Paste wax can fill in any imperfections the wood may have that gives it such a beautiful look. Paste wax provides the furniture with a smooth look. This makes the light reflect equally from every surface, thus providing the wood with an unblemished and lustrous glaze. How does one apply a paste wax finish? The first step is to match the color of the wood to the wax as closely as possible. The market today is inundated with varieties of shades when it comes to paste-wax. A mismatch in the hue of the wood and the wax will result in furniture with a truly hideous look. Once the correct color is on hand, find a clean cotton cloth. Wrap the fabric around two fingers and then dip into the wax. Use the fingers to rub the wax on the wood gently. The motion has to be circular, and it has to be always with the grain. The pressure is just like the way one applies shoe polish to footwear. You can administer multiple coats, till you get the desired shine. Because paste wax does not harden, one need not wait between applications of two coats. It is advised to let a layer sit for a day before a second coat is applied. This twenty-four hour period will give it time to settle in cracks and scratches, providing the best result possible. The best part of using paste wax as finishing coat is that it does not require sanding. Top-coats like shellac, lacquer, and polyurethane need the wood to be sanded between every coat. This involves a lot of time and effort. Paste wax saves you up on this. Two coatings can be applied one after the other without any waiting period.