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This Is What You Need To Know Before Buying A Race Jack

by John Floars file under misc with tags

A floor jack is an essential tool to have. The ability to use a floor jack is an important one because we may never know when the need to change a tire may arise. The same applies for floor jack extensions how to keep them clean and well oiled. For cars that are low-slung like sports cars, a racing jack is used.  As states race jacks are low floor jacks that are cheap, light in weight and portable. These come with an aluminum stand to help lift the car for any repair work. For owners of show cars, they become an essential tool. They are also an important piece of equipment for workshops because they fit under any car with low ground clearance easily.

Before buying a race jack for home use, certain categories should be check-listed. These criteria are size, strength, design, and method of operation. The size of race jack is significant because it depends upon the profile of the car you have. Take for example the ground clearance of your sports car as 12 inches. The jack you buy only rises to 16 inches. This gives you a tiny space of four inches to maneuver which is not enough. Such a race jack would be useless to you. The height to which a race jack lifts a car must be adequate for a person to slide under and do repairs. Any maintenance work should be done without any glitches or obstacles.

The strength of the race jack is necessary because of the load rating. The jack should be capable of supporting the entire weight of your car otherwise it is just a useless piece of metal. Though a race jack is used to lift a car from one corner, there will be times that it will be used to lift the entire car. Therefore, the load it can support becomes crucial because the safety and life of the repair person are directly dependent on it. The design of a race jack will ensure its capability to be stored easily. Therefore, it is an important criterion to factor. If you have less space or travel a lot, it is important to buy a race jack that can be easily stored in the garage or fit snuggly in the car trunk.

The material the race jack is made of also becomes a crucial point. A race jack is generally made of either steel or aluminum. The material will determine the weight of the car which will affect the following:

•    The car types it is being used on

•    Mobility of the race jack

•    How the jack is being used

•    Where it is being used

•    Portability of the jack

Some minor points can also affect the final decision when it comes to buying a race jack. These can be its ability move easily on the ground using wheels.  Is it possible to collapse or assemble the race jack quickly as per need? Does the design of the jack allow it to be disassembled and stored in a compact form?